Command line tools and smart contract libraries for Ethereum smart contract development.

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Installation instructions can be found here.

Documentation for the individual components can be found in the readme for each tool:

  • dapp: smart contract project management
  • seth: command line ethereum client
  • hevm: evm debugger and symbolic execution engine
  • ethsign: sign eth transactions using a JSON keystore or hardware wallet

Smart Contracts

  • ds-note: easily log function calls as events
  • ds-auth: flexible and updatable auth framework
  • ds-math: safe math, supports integer and fixed point operations
  • ds-test: solidity unit testing framework for hevm / dapp
  • ds-proxy: execute arbitrary call sequences with a persistent identity
  • ds-roles: role-driven authority for ds-auth for up to 256 roles
  • ds-guard: access control list authority for ds-auth
  • ds-token: flexible ERC20 with auth protected mint / burn
  • ds-pause: governance timelock proxy